Something about me ...
A bit about me…

Who am I?

Yes, I am a graphic designer. A quick bit on my background: I attended College of DuPage to receive my Associate in Fine Arts degree, transferring to Harrington College of Design thereafter. I initially studied in the field of interior design, but after a year in classes, I only came out with more stress and very little enjoyment. It was actually my art teacher who (unknowingly) gave me the push to switch to graphic design. When our final assignment was turned in, she was surprised to hear that I was studying interior design because my work looked like that of a graphic designer. I couldn’t rid that from my mind, so I made the move to switch majors, which I knew was the right decision when my first design teacher greeted me with, “Welcome to the dark side.”

During and since school, I have been designing. Whether it is full time jobs or freelancing, I always have design on the mind. Otherwise, I love working out, living a (mostly) healthy lifestyle and seeing my friends and family. I like video games, reading science fiction, perusing Pinterest, going on walks, snowboarding, baking, tasting beer and grabbing a cup of coffee or tea. My dreams are to travel, to meet more people and to grow as a person and as a designer.

I create things

I enjoy the creative process. From the idea to its execution to the final product, I believe that each aspect has its own level of importance.

I believe in individuality, freedom and beauty.

I love to keep myself busy, try new things, and work with different people. Being creative is what I love, so let me do that for you. Please and thank you!

I make them beautiful

No matter what the project, it can be seen as beautiful. Knowing who you are creating for and catering to their needs while taking into account your knowledge can produce something both parties can agree upon. The job isn’t done until everyone is satisfied.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but beauty can also be created, molded and formed into something more beautiful than its initial idea.

Day to day

I believe in time. Sometimes you just have a bad day, and sometimes others do. I don’t care who you are; everyone needs their own form of down-time. When you take what you have and work with it each day, you can make progress without the added stress.

However, time doesn’t mean laziness. If you know me, you probably know that “lazy” is not in my vocabulary. I hate sitting around, and doing “nothing” just bores me; there’s always something to do.

I simply believe in taking everything one step at a time.

It’s all me

I can get along with just about anyone. Take the chance to get to know me, and you’ll see that. Of course, I cannot do everything at once and sometimes my mind wanders, so have patience! I will try to keep updated as often as possible, because I know you’re probably thoroughly interested in me instagramming [is that a word now?] a picture of the dinner I ate the previous night.

So? Let’s go!

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