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I am a Chicago suburbanite who has the best of both worlds.

Chicago has its own culture, full of interesting people and amazing opportunities. My ultimate goal is to live and work in Chicago to experience everything the city has to offer. It’s the only place that will satisfy my itch to engulf myself in the graphic design community.

On the other hand, the suburbs has its own tranquility. I love being able to drive to many distant areas from the suburbs, and it has a sense of comfort the city can’t seem to fulfill. It will always give me the feeling of home no matter where I find myself.

Despite my Chicago-and-surrounding-suburbs love, I am not attached to Illinois. I hope to get the chance to travel, experience new ways of living, and meet new people.

Long story short, I’ll take anything that comes my way.

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Current Residence:
Wheaton, IL 60187

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(+1) 708 846 6465


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