Long time no speak

Ahh sorry it’s been a while! It’s been a bit crazy the past few weeks with interviews, jobs, and what not (not that I’m complaining!). More on that later…

Sooo my birthday was this past weekend! And my favorite part was by far being able to see friends who I haven’t seen in a long time. I totally become that white girl in the club when I see my friends all in one place (AHHH!! OMG!!! …*facepalm*). I was a dancin fool! Also, getting these puppies¬†wasn’t too bad either¬†*drool* Can’t wait to test those out on the slopes (thanks go out to Ryan’s parents)! But seriously, I’m lucky to have everyone like that in my life, so thanks to everyone coming out this weekend! Next weekend (St. Patty’s day) will be celebrated with my family.

I’m hoping to buy this beaut at some point too. Anyone want to get it for me? Anyone? Bueller? *sigh* Ok.


  • 39_emchba_89,
  • March 11, 2013

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