To those who read it…

When I was initially thinking about having a website, I envisioned myself writing a lot more. For how much I don’t particularly enjoy writing, it was something I wanted to almost force myself to do as a way to better myself. I thought it would give me an outlet for my thoughts, or at least somewhere I can share my ideas more personally than on Twitter or Facebook. Unfortunately, life happens, and my “blog” got put aside.

I just wanted to let anyone know who happens to see my site and possibly think, “Wow, this girl never updates her site. She must be out of touch or the type of person who is very non-committal.” that that is untrue. In fact, when it comes to the design community, I keep updated daily via social media. I try to go to any events that pop up in Chicago when I can, and I talk to others who are involved to keep me looped in. As far as commitment goes, what I am most committed to is my job and the people in my life. I work late, possibly skipping a lunch break, to get my job done every day. I am not complaining about this (I love being busy actually); I am just providing insight. I also try my best to be a good friend, so most times I put others’ needs before my own.

Because of this, myself/my blog/my website don’t get updated as often as I’d like. I am actually rethinking my website- possibly changing it entirely. But, that is still just a thought. The point is, I wrote this post for anyone who thinks I may be a flake, or lazy, or… whatever. I’m not. Sometimes, life and other people get the best of me, and bettering myself as a person is my main goal right now. So I hope all of you disbelievers out there can understand where I’m coming from.

  • 39_emchba_89,
  • April 10, 2016


  • Lydia, January 11, 2017 at 10:10 pm | Reply

    You’re doing great! Loved all your Hub Group work, I’ve seen it in person and it is truly stunning. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

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