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I received some great advice a couple months ago without even realizing it, and I’d like to share! How it resurfaced was when something popped in my head the other day while I was working out. I thought, Wow, I must be getting stronger because that workout was relatively easy! Although I was provided with momentary happiness, the longer I thought about it, the more I realized that rather than becoming stronger (which IS happening to some degree), I’ve just become accustomed. This brings me back to the advice I received, so let me tell that story briefly:
I went snowboarding with my boyfriend and his family in Colorado this past January, and I was lucky enough to get a day lesson with him and an instructor. Although my boyfriend and I are relatively good at boarding, we always want to get better. Well, it turned out that each of us had something we needed to improve upon, and the instructor was amazingly detailed and talented, able to surprise us with how much we could correct ourselves. Something he told both of us in passing that really stuck with me was, you won’t get any better if you keep doing the same thing.
And how true is that, seriously? It’s not something you think about often, as I’m sure that most of us are very habitual and what we do works for us. So, why change? Long story short, I realized that, in everything I do, if I just keep going with the flow, I won’t really grow as a person (I’m so deep, I know!). However, it’s given me the drive to want to begin changing things and challenging myself, especially when I am designing. Besides, who wants to do the same thing day in and day out? Not I!

  • 39_emchba_89,
  • April 4, 2013

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