Project info

I created promotional materials for a fictional skate park, DUB. By using cardboard and plastic bags, I photographed a hand-made logo for the park. I then edited that to use in business cards, a flyer, etc. I also created stickers to use throughout DUB’s materials to add a bit more of an edge to its look. I wanted it to portray the fun, grunge, color, and imperfection that is a skate park.

I created / used …

Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, photography


It was fun being able to have the freedom to use many different tools to create these promotional materials. I enjoy projects more when multiple aspects can combine to form something greater.

Front of flyer

Back of flyer


Front of business card 2

Back of business card 2

Front of business card 1

Back of business card 1

T-shirt option

Hat with logo

Hat with illustration