Project info

Some examples of the work I’ve done for Hub Group. I’ve created:

  • Bathroom wall murals for each floor of our building based on the theme of that floor (four floors, each a different region of the U.S.)
  • The menu for the deli in our building, named “Fuel”
  • T-shirt designs for Hub Group’s online store
  • Graphics for events such as “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” including invites, email reminders, lobby/elevator screens, handouts, giveaways, etc.


I created / used …

Photoshop and Illustrator


Moving into a new building was a great opportunity as a graphic designer to create new and significant designs. It is always satisfying seeing your work come to life. It is interesting working with different departments and various vendors daily. I am regularly updating the graphics as many of these examples change weekly or yearly.

*I do not take credit for the photos taken.

Bathroom mural

First floor - Central region

Second floor - East coast

Third floor - Southwest region

Fourth floor - West coast

"Fuel" cafeteria menu

Fuel breakfast menu

Fuel lunch menu

Golf outing logo

Hub Group Gear store

Baby onesie

Baseball tee logo

Elevator lobby screen

Elevator lobby screen

Lobby screen

Bring your kid to work day - save the date

Bring your kid to work day - Eloqua invite

Bring your kid to work day - agenda