Project info

For this project, I designed the identity of a cleaning product line called “Surface” to be used at Target stores. I wanted this brand to portray a look of cleanliness and simplicity as a Target product. I began with the logo, sketching many variations while experimenting with color palettes. After I was satisfied with the look and feel, I played with the actual design of the packaging, later taking product shots and editing them for a Target circular. I created a brand style guide for Surface compiling everything together- explaining the brand uses, showing product shots & packaging details and displaying the product line in a store aisle mock-up as well as in the Target circular.

I created / used …

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and photography


Having a passion for any kind of package design, this was a fun project! I enjoyed taking the product from the very beginning to the end before final production. I love taking designs from 2D to 3D and seeing them as something tangible.

Complete Product Line

Air Freshener Beads

Tile & Shower Cleaner

Air Freshener

Palm Brush

Target Circular