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“Volunteer” is a concept branding campaign to be implemented solely for use by teenagers in high schools. My inspiration came from my own love of volunteering throughout high school and how much I believe it should be implemented more than it is. To keep it short, volunteering is not only beneficial to the people you’re helping, but also for your own well-being. Additionally, people who volunteer when they╩╝re younger are more likely to volunteer as an adult. For these reasons and many others, I focused on teenagers for this project.
The problem with teenagers themselves is that they are more likely to do something if everyone else is doing it; it has to be popular. For volunteering to become a more popular extracurricular activity, it should cater to what students want to do. Volunteering should include, in addition to what is already provided in schools now, means for students to use their particular sets of skills or favorite activities. This can be almost anything, but it will be something that teenagers have more control over rather than just doing whatever the school provides.
When it came to the design of this campaign, I knew that to change the viewpoint on volunteering, I must involve technology. I mocked up an app and an online site for students to have their own control over by inputting the hours they volunteered, where they volunteered, being able to receive prizes by reaching certain levels based on volunteer hours, connecting with other students in and out of their school, and seeing what other people have done and sharing their own stories via social media networks. Schools and other organizations where the students could volunteer would be able to reach more people and get more attention.
I also did not want to forget about the school system; teenagers spend the majority of their day(s) at school, so I wanted to create something that could physically be in schools. Teenagers would see posters and flyers hanging as they passed through the halls. Schools would also incorporate this branding into the volunteer clubs themselves with t-shirts, pins, pens, notebooks, folders, etc. The more it appears in teenagers╩╝ lives, the more likely they will become interested in it.

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I would love for this campaign to become actualized because I believe that it would do something huge for the greater good. If I could make volunteering more popular, more accessible, and more appealing, I would be able to give a difficult audience something that will enrich their lives for their high school years and hopefully into their futures. I feel like there is always more to be done with this, but it is a great concept that can hopefully become something more.

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Poster example

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